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Midwest Regional USCPFA Conference
Hosted by Owensboro/Evansville Chapter
October 17, 18, and 19, 2014  (Friday evening to Sunday noon)

John James Audubon State Park, Henderson, Kentucky

2014 Midwest Region Agenda

2014 MW Region Flyer

Members of the Owensboro/Evansville Chapter always try to promote Chinese culture if it's possible. Winny Lin helped kindergarten students at Tamarack Elementary School in Owensboro, Kentucky try out and made it in spring talent show with a Chinese Lantern Dance .
Ghost Stories

There are many ghost stories available in Chinese literature. On the day of Halloween in 2011, Winny Lin visited 2nd graders of Tamarack Elementary School, 2nd graders of Sutton Elementary school, and 3rd graders of West Louisville and read them " The Man who Tricked a Ghost" by Laurence Yep! All the children loved the story.

Telling ghost stories for Halloween 2011. Ghost Stories
Dragon Boat Races

The Inaugural Owensboro Dragon Boat Festival was held Aug. 27, 2011. There were 14 teams and thousands of people visited.  Owensboro/Evansville chapter organized a "Golden Dragons" team with friends from Owensboro, Evansville, and Boonville, Indiana. Confucius Institute of Western Kentucky University and members of Kentucky Chinese-American Association also sent representatives. On top of that, Anshan Foreign Languages Training School also sent a delegation of teachers and students to enhance the performance.

Winny Lin is on the Owensboro Dragon Boat coordinating team.

Below, Kenny was the captain. See more pictures of the races at:

Winny's Team
Dragon Team Dragon Team
Anshan School students did a dragon dance. Dragon Dance
Owensboro Mayor

Owensboro Mayor Ron Payne opened the dragon's eye "Waking the dragon"!

We won the best t-shirt design.

Best TShirt
Kids Celebrating

You can also see the festival races on Facebook.

Owensboro Dragon Boat Festival


Reaching across the Globe

Owensboro Middle School and Sutton Elementary School become Sister Schools with Anshan Leading Foreign Languages Training School

Read the whole story here ! 4mb pdf document

Anshan School
Ms Wang

Ms. Wang, another teacher from Binhu, finished two weeks at East View Elementary School and started at Meadowland Elementary School on Feb. 21, 2011.

Daily she taught a focus group of 5th graders Chinese language and culture. She also taught preschoolers to 5th grade once a week Chinese games, simple Chinese phrases, writing numbers and characters, Chinese jump rope, shuttlecock etc

Some of her students performed Chinese dragon dance, sang Chinese songs to the parents and grandparents at a Valentine luncheon on Feb. 11, 2011. It was a big hit!

Ms. Wang teaching class
Ms Lu

Two teachers from Binhu School District of Wuxi, China are teaching Chinese language and culture in Daviess County Public Schools(DCPS) from Feb. 7 to March 4, 2011. These two school districts have been sister school districts since May, 2007.

Ms. Lu has just finished teaching at College View Middle School for 2 weeks. She taught ‘Major Cities in China”, “Chinese Middle Schools”, taichi, folktales, Chinese diet, Chinese weddings.

She started at Burns Middle School on Feb. 21 and taught Chinese calligraphy, paper cutting “double luck” and Chinese Beijing masks in the art classes.

see more of Ms. Lu Visit to Burns Middle School.

Dancing Class
Huayu Foreign Language Experimental School of Anshan, China successfully visited their sister school, Hancock County Middle School of Lewisport, Kentucky, August 23 to 26, 2010.  This was their 2nd student delegation. During their visit, they performed Chinese dances, singing, taichi, Chinese calligraphy, etc in an assembly program for the whole school. In return, the host took them to visit Kentucky Derby Museum, Louisville Slugger Museum, and Performing Arts Center.
Winny Lin, president of Owensboro/Evansville chapter, is the liaison to have facilitated the exchange.


Winny Lin & Gina Biever

Winny Lin, president of Owensboro/Evansville Chapter, and Gina Biever, principal of Hancock County Middle School (HCMS) , stood in front of the Chinese scroll painting and couplets from HCMS’s sister school, Huayu Foreign Language Experimental Middle School of Anshan, China.
Two student delegations from China have visited the middle school in Lewisport, Kentucky, once in Jan. 2009 and once in Aug. 2011. Now they have a pen pal program going on between two schools.

You are invited to view suhwa.w.lin's photo album: Hancock County Middle School--Huayu

Huayu Foreign Language Experimental School of Anshan, China visited HCMS 8/22-8/26/2010

View Album
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Ti Chi Ribbons
Chinese students also performed Taichi dance.
The visiting students  performed Chinese ribbon dance.

Huayu Foreign Language Experimental Middle School students visited the famous John James Audubon Museum in Henderson, Kentucky. The curator, Alan Gehret (the one in the middle in the back row) gave them a personal tour and showed them the set of Audubon's 'Birds of America"

Audobun Museum visit
Prints from museum

In the museum. Another set was sold for millions of dollars recently.

Many members on the delegation bought reprints of Audubon's famous paintings to take home as gifts for their families and friends.

Daviess County Public Schools(DCPS) in Owensboro, Kentucky sent two teachers, Christine Tanner and Dennis Millay, to their sister school district, Binhu School District in Wuxi, China to teach English for the whole month of  June in 2010. Both teachers arrived in Wuxi and participated in the celebration of Children's Day on June 1. They each presented banners to two primary schools--Yuhong and Yuying and two kindergarten schools--Binhu and Shuixiu with words like "International Friendship, Educational Partnership" on the banners. Together Christine and Dennis have taught English as a second language to thousands of students from K through 5th grade and trained hundreds of English teachers in a month. Wow! What an impact! Because they did such a good job, Binhu School District would like them to come back next summer!
On the other hand, both of them have learned different techniques from Chinese counterparts especially how to teach large class with at least 40 students in one class, even in kindergarten. Christine has also learned Chinese calligraphy, traditional fan dance, taichi and more to bring back to teach her world cultures class at her middle school.

Yu Hong Day
Childrens Day Through the liaison, Winny Lin, president of Owensboro/Evansville Chapter, DCPS and Binhu have become sister school districts as they signed the first Memorandum of Understanding in May, 2007 when Mr. Tom Shelton, superintendent of DCPS led a 11-member delegation to Wuxi, China. Since then, DCPS has sent teachers in the summer of 2007, 2008 to teach Chinese students and teachers American culture at the Binhu English summer camp. In the winter of 2009, Binhu also sent two Chinese teachers to teach Chinese culture and language in 4 DCPS elementary schools--Audubon, Deer Park, Sorgho, and Whitesville. Both school districts are pleased with the sister school relationship and would like to continue this global education to benefit their students through more teacher and student exchange, pen pal program, and advanced internet technology such as skype and QQ.


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