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This links page is our way of sharing with you some of the more interesting web sites we have come across.
  For an excellent summary of resources available to you. Download the 14 page PDF Document. from The 2006 Summer Issue of the US-China Review

There are even more resources here from the Article from the 2006 Summer USCR Issue, "The Internet in China". Download an 8 page PDF Document.

Chinese consulates in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Houston, and Los Angeles

The China U.S. Peoples Friendship Association is one of our counterparts in China. Formed from the Chinese Peoples Friendship Association with Foreign Countries, it is a link for information and a means of our reaching out to our friends in China.

Home of the PRC Home Page of the Embassy of the Peoples Republic of China

Now the dull stuff: please accept our apologies if any of the following links don't work or are dead as I suspect soon some will become. Also, we have no relationships with any of the following organizations listed and list them here only for your reference and or convenience which means that we neither endorse them or recommend them but we will just leave it to you to determine the validity and usefulness of those sites for yourself.

Language & Culture

Also from PBS, CHINA IN THE RED: It is a nation struggling to redefine itself. This is the story of the human face, and human costs, of the transformation ‹ and of ordinary people living in extraordinary times.

Voyage of the Dragon King In 1492, Christopher Columbus set sail across the Atlantic with three small ships and less than a hundred men ...In 1405, a Chinese Admiral named Zheng He sailed twice as far as Columbus with several hundred ships and twenty eight thousand men !

Resources in China

Hong Kong Government Center - Text files of information about HK Government.

TEDA Online - The Tianjin Economic Development Area.

Beijing China - The current news from Beijing.

Background information on the Yellow River

Travel to China

Beijing Olympics 2008 - The Home page of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing China.

Expo 2010 in Shanghai China - Shanghai is now hosting the 2010 World's Fair.

Newspapers and Publications

China Daily - Largest English language newpaper in China.

Peoples Daily Online - A strong resource for news in China.

Teaching In China

Another resource for teaching in China is the Amity Foundation.

China Center, Universityof Minnesota, 290 Humphrey Center, 301 - 19th Ave., South, Minneapolis, MN 55455; e-mail:;; fax 612-625-0045

Around China Cultural Exchange. A Chicago-based recruiting firm helping native English speakers finding teaching positions in China that can match applicants and individual needs.

The Teach for Friendship Foundation. Teach for Friendship Foundation (TFF) was created in 2002 in response to requests from many Chinese educational institutions for native English speakers to help strengthen their programs and to help build bridges of friendship between China and the United States. Association of International Educators is a member organization promoting international education and providing professional development opportunities to the field. Hundreds of NAFSA members volunteer to serve the association and thousands advocate for international education.

Information and Resources

Sister Cities - Sister Cities International home page.

China Peoples Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) Our counterpart in China.

The Asia Society - The Asia Society is America's leading institution dedicated to fostering under-standing of Asia and communication between Americans and the peoples of Asia and the Pacific.

The Council on Foreign Relations - A center for the study and practice of International Affairs and U.S. Foreign Policy

China Institute - promotes the understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of traditional and contemporary Chinese civilization, culture and heritage, and provides the cultural and historical context for understanding China today.

National Committee on US China Relations - Established in 1966 by a broad coalition of scholars and civic, religious, and business leaders. It encourages understanding of China and the United States between citizens of both countries.

Asian Cultural Council - a foundation supporting cultural exchange in the visual and performing arts between the United States and the countries of Asia, is an affiliate of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

Asia - KC Link - A link to the Kansas City Asian-American Community.

Committee of 100 - composed of American citizens of Chinese descent who pool their strengths and experience to address important issues concerning the Chinese-American community, as well as issues affecting U.S.-China relations.

National Bureau of Asian Research - conducts advanced research on policy-relevant issues in Asia. It also serves as the global clearinghouse for Asia research conducted by specialists and institutions worldwide.

Program for International Studies in Asia - aims to build a community of scholars, officials, policy analysts, and informed citizens who can conduct an informed dialogue on the central issues affecting the Asia-Pacific region.

U.S. China Business Council - engaged in trade and investment in the People's Republic of China. Founded in 1973, the Council serves more than 250 corporate members through offices in Washington, DC, Beijing and Shanghai.

Bridge to Asia This is described as an Information-Transfer Station (ITS) for crucial information exchange between groups in the East and West.

China Internet Information Center - A Wealth of information from

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